In home tutoring vs. Center based tutoring

If you have a child between preschool and 5th grade, consider the benefits of early tutoring. Not only will tutoring improve your child’s education and help set them up for success down the road, it can also increase their confidence during their developmental years. 

When selecting your child’s tutor, it is important to find a company that meets both your child’s and your family’s needs. There are different options for tutoring services, and it is important to find the one that is right for your child and family. Whether it is in-home or center-based, tutoring services will benefit your child in numerous ways.

In-home tutoring pros: 

In home tutoring’s greatest benefit is that it offers one-on-one teaching for your child. It is often very flexible with your schedule and your child can be comfortable learning in the comfort of their own home or a chosen neutral location. Having a private, in home tutor also ensures that your child will interact with the same tutor every time. This consistency can be extremely beneficial. Having an in home tutor also means that your child’s experience can be as personalized as needed. 

In-home tutoring cons:

In-home tutoring isn’t for everyone. Because in home tutors often operate on a smaller scale, they may not be as experienced in an area that your child could use help in. They also may not have all of the supplies needed for the best possible experience. Also, in home tutors may lack specific training in tutoring services or teaching a subject. 

Center based tutoring pros: 

Center based tutoring provides many benefits. One of these is that is allows your child to receive help in numerous areas, not just a specialized subject. If they struggle with math and reading, this diversity is a great option. These centers are also equipped with the supplies necessary to excel in any subject. Tutoring centers also provide social interaction, which may benefit your child. It is also more likely that tutors at a tutoring center will have a higher level of education, ensuring that your child is receiving high quality services. 

Center based tutoring cons: 

Center-based tutoring can be difficult because your child may not have the same tutor every time. This lack of consistency may affect your child’s experience. Being in a center also provides the opportunity for your child to be more distracted than they would be in a more private setting. Tutoring centers also come at a higher cost than in home tutors because of the myriad of services and supplies they offer. 

Which is right for your child? 

Tutoring is not one size fits all. Each child is unique and learns in their own way. Whether it is home based or center based, there is no doubt that tutoring services will increase your child’s confidence and provide them with skills to excel for years to come. Most importantly, find what method best suits your child and family for the greatest success. Brilliant Minds understands that each child learns differently and that different families have different needs as well, which is why we offer both in-home and center-based tutoring services.

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